Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A Hurricane Dorian Preparation Giggle Story

I was so tired and sore after hauling hundreds of plants into the courtyard, that by the time I got around to doing the indoor prep, I was nearly brain dead. I had been trudging in dirt and mud all day, so the floor was a disaster. I decided to sweep -- but where was the broom? I looked in all the usual places, but nope -- no broom. How do you lose a broom in a 500 sf apartment? Easy. You forget to hang it back in the pantry, then you pile a bunch of stuff in front of it. After about 30 minutes of searching, I finally found it in the last place I used it when I caught sight of the blue top on the handle. Then I just had to move more stuff to get to it.

Just when I had finished stuffing the freezer with ice, the refrigerator with as many containers of water as I could find, filling my garbage pail with water for flushing the commode, washing the dishes, and was ready to sit down with a nice cup of hot tea, I realize -- the refrigerator wasn't running.

I felt the food in the bottom, and sure enough, it wasn't getting cold. No cold air was coming down from the freezer into the fridge. First thought was, of course...


I called our emergency maintenance number and was told that there was no way to get an appliance repairman out at night, and even if he called them early this morning, they always took their time getting there.

In desperation, I called an ex-BF who used to do appliance repair. In fact, that's how I met him, when he came to fix my refrigerator. After being shocked to hear from me after all these years, I told him the problem, and he asked what I had been doing when it stopped running. I told him about the hurricane prep, stuffing ice cubes into the freezer, and he said ....wait for it ...

"Did you block the vents?"

Not having a clue what vents he was talking about, I said "Where are they?" and he told me that there were vents in the bottom of the freezer that circulate air in the freezer and down into the refrigerator. If you block those vents and the air can't circulate, the coils freeze and the refrigerator shuts off.

He graciously guided me through unblocking the vents and then we talked awhile while I waited to see if, in fact, the refrigerator came back on, which it did. I also talked to his wife, who not surprisingly, I also know from back in the day, and they invited me to come visit them and their three kids once I get my van on the road.

So remember during the next hurricane when you're packing your freezer full of ice -- DON'T BLOCK THE VENTS!

Unless you have a very kind ex you can call to fix it for you, of course.

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