Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Vandwelling Finance: Making Money While You Sleep

For the next year, I'll be trying to learn to make money while I sleep. There are so many ways to make money online, but there are three that I'm most interested in, and all have potential to make
you money while you sleep. All of them take a lot of work to set up, though, so if you aren't willing to put in the time, don't even read any further.

Affiliate Marketing

Quite a few vandwellers sell affilliate products online, and some make a pretty good living from it. To sell affiliate products, you can go the easy way (not as much money) or the hard way (much more money).

The easy way is to start yet another blog about vandwelling or whatever topic appeals to you, write some posts, and get a few followers. Promote your blog like mad and once you get decent traffic, you can apply for Adsense, Amazon and eBay affiliate programs. I'll tell you right now, that eBay is a lot harder to get into than Adsense or Amazon. If you promote your blog and get a good following, you can make decent money with these ads.

Niche blogs are the real money makers in affiliate marketing, but that is a lot more involved than just putting ads up on your own blog. It takes lots of research, lots of writing, and lots of promotion. You need to have a good product and a great email list. You also need to not care what people think of you, because you will have to spam people incessantly to actually make big money.

Both of these methods take time to build. The best of the best say it took them about three years to start seeing real money, and they worked long hours during those years. However, six figures is not unattainable if you're willing to work.

Content Marketing

I write internet content, and I've long said I want to be the client, not the poorly paid writer. The trick is to find someone who will pay you more than you have to pay someone else to write your content. There is huge competition in this area from large companies that the mega companies, like Google and Amazon, hire to do their content work.

If it's just you, you're going to be finding clients yourself and then hiring writers from the content mills to write the content cheaply so you can make a profit. This is called outsourcing, and it can be extremely lucrative if you get enough well-paying clients and find some talented, stable writers to work with.

Ebook Publishing

Notice I said publishing, not writing. You can make money writing ebooks, but not nearly as much as you can make having other people write them.

The money in ebooks is in volume, so we're not talking the Great American Novel here. We're talking cheap little novels that run in series so you can keep your readers coming back for more.

The best-selling genre on Amazon is erotic fiction, but it's pretty swamped, so you also have to find a way to promote your novels to make them stand out. A lot of work, but as you build your numbers of published works, your profits will increase.

I'm going to do all three of these, because I can, and why not? I'm hoping that eventually, most of my money will come from ebook publishing, but you never can tell. My niche blogs may just take off and make me a millionaire. Ah, yes, one has to be able to dream, right?

If you want to learn more about making money online while you sleep, like my Facebook page, where I'll be posting links and more information soon.

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