Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Kitchen Declutter and Reorganization Continues

I have this exact same quote, border and all, on a magnetic card on my refrigerator. I'm always complaining about not having enough kitchen counter space, so the universe fixed that for me
-- my microwave broke. Well, "broke" is exactly accurate. The switch that turns the microwave off when you open the door broke, so (as my son pointed out) I was being bombarded with radiation whenever I opened the door. Not good.

I actually have a second microwave. My neighbor was moving, and offered me theirs, which is smaller and chintzier than my big behemoth, but it works, and it will do for now. I don't like the size, because my big Tupperware steamer doesn't fit into it, but I'll either find another steamer, or I'll work it out with what I have.

Oh Joy! Counter Space!

What I am deliriously happy about is how much counter space removing the microwave gave me. The smaller microwave, now the only microwave, is on the multi-purpose desk in the dining room. I don't mind at all having to go out there to microwave things, since the table itself is a great work surface, or it will be. It was a freebie from a move-out, and it's not particularly stable, so I have to work on that, then it will be an awesome work space.

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But I digress. What I needed and longed for was kitchen counter space, which I never had. This apartment was built back before microwaves and toaster ovens and other large kitchen appliances, so it probably had plenty of counter space before then, but now, it's a nightmare for someone who loves to spread out when she cooks.

Now I have counter space on one side of the stove large enough for a small cutting board and tons more space beside the sink, where the huge microwave used to sit, even with my tiny toaster oven there.

Multi-purpose Counter Space

The counter space next to the sink is large enough to do all my chopping and preparation for cooking in one place, and to hold my new dehydrator.

Another great thing about that space is that I don't have to pile dishes up in the sink, then take them all out again before I wash them. Living alone, I don't always wash dishes every day, so now I can stack them up neatly next to the sink until I get ready to wash them, and the sink will be free for other things.

Yes, I do have a dishwasher, but I hardly ever use it. I really prefer to hand-wash. It's an old dishwasher, and even using the best dishwasher detergent I can find, I still have to rewash some things. Plus, I can't put my stainless steel pots in there, because the detergent can damage them, or so I read.

Re-Organizing Can Be Messy

Everything that was in the kitchen pantry is now in my living room. As I said in my last post, I've gone through it all, rid myself of what I could, and will reorganize the rest once I get that area painted. The shelves are all outside waiting to be scrubbed down, and I can hardly wait to get them back in and get them really organized. I have some plans to maximize the space, but I won't go into that now. Suffice to say, I should be able to get everything back on that one shelving unit, since I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff, which will give  me more room in there to store other things and clear out some of my cupboards.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, and once I get the closet organized, I will post pictures of it, but I don't really like to put pictures online of my home. I did that once, and a man, a fellow gardener I had met through a forum, found me and stalked me. But a pantry is a pantry, so it won't hurt to put pictures of that up.

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