Monday, July 9, 2018

Recap of the First Week - Disappointing, But Not Discouraged

I went through a period of depression last week, that I allowed to keep me from meeting my goals, small as they were. I was disappointed in some work I had hoped would bring in good money, but it didn't turn out that way. I also was pretty unmotivated and couldn't
seem to discipline myself, so I didn't accomplish any of my goals.

I have to fight hard to keep disappointments in life, especially disappointment in myself, to discourage me from pushing forward. I try to take one day at a time, and not dwell on what I didn't get done, but what I did.

All Accomplishments Count

Last week, I didn't get much writing done, and didn't make my monetary goal, but I got a lot done in my garden, like getting my dozens of containers organized and put in one place in the courtyard, which had been bothering me for awhile. I also got things planted and repotted that had been sitting overgrown in pots for ever.

I did some reading on affiliate marketing, and pulled up a lot of my old articles from now-defunct sites to rewrite and put into blogs or sell online. I must rewrite them because black hatters stole them when it was announced that the sites were closing, so they are already online a thousand times.

I also got some household chores I had been putting off done, like working on removing stains from a number of my shirts that had been piling up for weeks. I wanted to pull everything out of my kitchen pantry and re-organize it, but that was such an overwhelming chore, I didn't get it done.

So I didn't do nothing, just not enough that earns me money. This week, I'm putting the earning front and center, while trying not to let other essential things go undone.

My general goals for this week are:

Earn at least $35 a day M-Sat towards my savings goal, plus whatever I need for my incidentals and essentials.
Start decluttering the bedroom by bringing a large piece of furniture back out into the LR so I'll have space to work going through boxes.
Finish up the courtyard project and repot plants to grow out for sale.
Start decluttering the kitchen pantry.

My diet and exercise goals are:

Order a kitchen scale to weigh food for cooking, and to freeze and store food in serving sizes to make meal prep easier.
Start tracking my food and exercise on SparkPeople
Exercise at least 10 minutes a day, trying to make it as intense as possible. If there is time, do additional 10-minute sets.
Make daily menus up using the items I have so I'll know what I need to buy

Well, that's enough for now. I'll try to report in daily to report on how I'm doing.

Leave me a comment about what your goals are for this week.

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