Saturday, November 2, 2013

Stressed Out About Food Stamp Cuts? Stress No More!

Grow nutritious microgreens
indoors in as little as two weeks!

Forget the crazy people on Capitol Hill! You don't need them to eat well! 

Monday we will be starting a Stretch Your Food Stamps series to show you how to make up for the cuts and much more! There is no need to live on beans and rice or Ramen noodles. You can eat healthy, nutritious food with very little effort on your part.

I was on food stamps for two years, so I know every trick in the book. I am also an expert on growing food and Deborah Waltenburg is the queen of frugal, healthy meal planning.

Together, we will teach you how to:
  • Stockpile sale items
  • Create nutritious meals for pennies
  • Save money and gain nutrition with frozen foods
  • Grow veggies indoors in a sunny window, in a cold frame or even in your basement
  • Use other people's yards to grow a garden
  • Multiply your food and nutrition by sprouting grains, nuts and beans
  • Create a complete protein without meat
  • Cut out junk food without making your kids hate you
You will learn things you never knew, for example, did you know
  • You can use food stamps to buy seeds and plants that produce food? 
  • You can get hundreds of food seeds from local seed exchanges for the price of postage? 
  • You can grow more than $100 a month worth of produce in the windows of your house or apartment -- even in the dead of winter?
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Forget the corporations and the crooks in Washington! We're gonna rock their world by not letting them keep us down!